Refugio Amazonas – Family Program for Kids
5 Days

Our Adventure programs are designed for individuals and families looking to combine culture and nature


Learn about the diversity of the Amazon rain forest canoe an oxbow lake and visit a parrot and a mammal claylick.

Day 1

Puerto Maldonado - Refugio Amazonas
Upon arrival from Lima or Cusco, reception and transfer to the Tambopata River port in Puerto Maldonado. Puerto Maldonado is situated at the confluence of the mighty Madre de Dios and Tambopata Rivers and is a bustling, booming tropical frontier town. Its principal activities are gold mining, Brazil nut collecting, timber extraction, agriculture and ecotourism. After a brief stop at our offices we will depart on a 30-minute drive to the Infierno Community port, followed by 2-1/2 boat journey by motorized canoe to Refugio Amazonas. The ride from the Tambopata Port to Refugio Amazonas will take us past the Community of Infierno and the Tambopata National Reserve´s checkpoint and into the buffer zone of this 1.3 million hectare conservation unit.

Boxed lunch aboard the boat.

During our voyage we may see bird species typical of the river or forest edge such as: Black Skimmer, Pied Lapwing, Capped Heron, Jabiru Stork, Roadside Hawk, and several species of kingfishers, swallows and flycatchers. When we arrive at Refugio Amazonas we will unpack and unwind. Refugio Amazonas is a comfortable yet unobtrusive lodge owned by Rainforest Expeditions. We will receive a short orientation and a complete briefing about the lodge trails and activities.

Tonight, as a prelude to the upcoming activities that will take place with our guide during our adventure, we head towards the Circle of Fire. A series of torches lights the path which leads us through the forest towards the circle of fire. This is where Tawa, the ancient healer’s house is located and houses all the instruments, magic potions and extracts which are prepared from plants of the forest. There we sit and listen to our guide narrate the story "Ania and the Voice of the World". We learn about this enchanting story and meet all the characters. It is the starting point for the adventure that awaits us in the coming days.

L, D

Day 2

Refugio Amazonas
We start the day with an early breakfast. Later we get ready to visit the canopy tower. A thirty-minute walk from Refugio Amazonas leads to the 25-meter scaffolding canopy tower. A bannistered staircase running through the middle provides safe access to the platforms above. The tower has been built upon high ground, therefore increasing your horizon of the continuous primary forest extending out towards the Tambopata National Reserve. From here views of mixed species canopy flocks as well as toucans, macaws and raptors are likely.

Later in the morning we visit the Children's Rainforest Playground. We play the “game of seeds” and learn all the powers that the seeds of the forest have. Together with our guide we learn how to collect seeds in our walks, which will help find special powers and thus better able to seek the “Treasure of ANIA.” Each seed represents a different level, we pass the 5 levels: Pona: Truth, Huasai: Friendship Cashapona: Courage, Huayruro: Freedom, Yarina: Love.

Later we return to the lodge for lunch.

After lunch and time to rest at the lodge we get ready for our afternoon adventure. We are going to theChildren's Rainforest Trail: Ania & The World´s Voice. An exciting journey designed for children ages 4 to 10 years, we travel with our guides on a challenging (but short) walk, where we follow maps, solve riddles and find clues that will lead to the "treasure of ANIA.” The path includes a visit to the houses of ANIA and TAWA , the grandfather of the woods. Searching for the “lost Brazil nut”, the city of ants and other fun games teaches children how people live in the rainforest, why keep it and leave a valuable message ANIA: "A child born into the jungle to fill our hearts with hope." The concept, history and the way are all registered in the name of ANIA, a nonprofit organization with a mission to create 100,000 acres of "Land of Children" – private, protected areas managed for children.


We return to the lodge for dinner and overnight.


If you still have energy and you are not ready for bed, you will have the option of hiking out at night, when most of the mammals are active but difficult to see. In the cover of darkness it is easier to find frogs with shapes and sounds as bizarre as their natural histories.


Day 3

Refugio Amazonas
After an early breakfast we visit an oxbow lake. We will paddle around the lake on a canoe or a catamaran, looking for lakeside wildlife such as hoatzin, caiman and horned screamers, hoping to see the otters, which are infrequently seen here. You will also be rewarded with overhead sightings of macaws. We return to the lodge for lunch.

After lunch and some well deserved rest we continue our adventure. This afternoon we visit the ethno-botanical trail. Along this trail we will find a variety of plants and trees that are used by the local population with at least the same variety of purposes. We will learn about the medicinal (and other) uses of Ajo-Sacha, Yuca de Venado, Uña de Gato, Charcot-Sacha, Para-Para, among several others. We return to the lodge and get ready for our Tattoo session. We will prepare a paste from the fruit of huito and achiote to draw dark blue and red tattoos on ourselves. They last several days and will give us a chance to explore our imagination and creativity based on the experiences you are having in this amazing and mysterious jungle environment.

We will have dinner at the lodge before our night outing by the river’s edge where we will scan the shores with headlamps and flashlights to catch the red gleams of reflection from caiman eyes.   Overnight at the lodge.


Day 4

Refugio Amazonas
After an early breakfast we depart the lodge to visit the parrot and parakeet clay lick. A fifteen-minute boat ride and sixty minute walk from Refugio Amazonas is a clay lick used both by parrots and parakeets. From a blind you will see parrots and parakeets descend on most clear days to ingest the clay on a bank. Species such as Dusky headed and Cobalt winged Parakeet descend at this clay lick. With luck we will also see some or all of the following species in the early morning rush: Mealy and Yellow-crowned Amazons, Blue-headed Pionus, Severe macaw and Orange-cheeled (Barraband`s) Parrot. We visit the lick at dawn, when parrots are most active.

Later in the morning we visit the peccary clay lick located twenty minutes from Refugio Amazonas. These wild rain forest pigs show up in herds of five to twenty individuals to eat clay in the late morning. Chances of spotting them are around 15%, but well worth the short hike. Other wildlife also shows up including deer, guan and parakeets.

Lunch at the lodge.

After lunch we continue with our activities by visiting a farm located five minutes downriver from the lodge. The farm is owned and managed by charismatic Don Manuel from the neighboring community of Condenado. He grows a variety of popular and unknown Amazon crops - just about every plant and tree you see serves a purpose. Later in the afternoon we return to the lodge for dinner. After dinner you may want to join other visitor for the evening lecture prepared by the staff of Refugio Amazonas, which cover topics regarding conservation threats, opportunities and projects in the Tambopata National Reserve.


Day 5

Refugio Amazonas
After an early breakfast, we depart by boat back to the city of Puerto Maldonado, directly to the airport, in time for our flight back to Lima or Cusco.


Programs based on double occupancy. Includes all meals, accommodations and services, all river transportation, and transfer from and to the Airport of Puerto Maldonado.

Not included

International or domestic airfares, airport departure taxes or visa fees, excess baggage charges, additional nights during the trip due to flight cancellations, alcoholic beverages or bottled water, snacks, insurance of any kind, laundry, phone calls, radio calls or messages, reconfirmation of flights and items of personal nature. Tips.

Boat Transportation

All our boats are 20-foot long, roofed canoes with 55 hp outboard motors.

  • Transfer-in (From Puerto Maldonado to Lodge): we have two departures daily at 13:00 and 14:30
  • Transfer-out (Lodge to Puerto Maldonado): Two daily departures at 07:00 and 08:00 For other schedule possibilities please consult us



Cost per person - Classic Room

Double o Triple Occupancy: US$ 823.00
Single Occupancy: US$ 1,161.00

Cost Per Person - Superior Room

Double Occupancy: US$ 1,012.00
Single Occupancy: US$ 1,351.00


Journey requires moderate walking in uneven terrain.


How to get to Refugio Amazonas Lodge
To get to Refugio Amazonas you must fly to Puerto Maldonado from Lima or Cusco on daily commercial flights lasting 45 or 90 minutes respectively.

Boat Transportation to/from Refugio Amazonas Lodge
All our boats are 20-foot long, roofed canoes with 55 hp outboard motors.

  • Transfer-in (From Puerto Maldonado to Refugio Amazonas Lodge): we have two departures daily at 13:00 and 14:30
  • Transfer-out (Refugio Amazonas Lodge to Puerto Maldonado) : Two daily departures at 07:00 and 08:00
  • For other schedule possibilities or private transfers please consult us.

From the airport you are transported by bus to the Infierno River Port where you board our boats for a forty-five minute trip to Refugio Amazonas Lodge. Refugio Amazonas Lodge is located a few minutes walk from the river bank.

About Refugio Amazons Lodge
Refugio Amazonas is a 32-bedroom lodge four hours from the Puerto Maldonado airport. It is ideal for soft adventurers and families, and has a rainforest trail designed especially for children, the only one in the Peruvian Amazon.

Travelers to the Tambopata Research Center also stop off at the Refugio on the way to and from the TRC.

Refugio Amazonas is located in a 200-hectare private reserve within the buffer zone of the Tambopata National Reserve. Rainforest Expeditions is partnering with local families, who sustainably harvest Brazil nuts from the surrounding rainforest, to ensure that they share in the benefits of ecotourism.

Included in the Price
All meals. Accommodations. All tours, services and guides. Transfer from and to the airport of Puerto Maldonado. All river transportation

Not Included in the Price
International or domestic airfares, airport departure taxes or visa fees, excess baggage charges, additional nights during the trip due to flight cancellations, alcoholic beverages or bottled water, snacks, insurance of any kind, laundry, phone calls or messages, reconfirmation of flights and items of personal nature.

A 110V generator is turned on once a day to recharge batteries for guests or lodge facilities. At night it is very dark, so we recommend good flashlights. Light is provided by numerous lamps and candles. The lodge is run mainly on propane. You can charge batteries a few hours a day in the dining rooms. Every room has kerosene lamps on the walls and candles on the night-stands. Please do not handle kerosene lamps and always blow out the candles before sleeping or leaving your room. We use electric bulbs in public areas at night.

About Refugio Amazonas Lodge
32 bedrooms, each with a private bathroom, and a common area for dining and socializing. Bedrooms are separated from one another by light cane fencing, with drapes instead of doors. Rooms are private but not soundproof.

Accommodations at Refugio Amazonas Lodge

Classic Rooms
Twenty-four rooms overlooking tropical rainforest allow guests to enjoy this unique ecosystem, even during your down time. Wild monkeys and birds are often visible from our signature windowless verandah, which also provides excellent ventilation. The rooms are built with local materials such as wood, bamboo, adobe mud and palm trees. Rooms are double or triples, as requested. Each bed is equipped with its own mosquito net. Each room has a spacious private bathroom with hot water. Numerous kerosene lamps and candles provide the lighting. Electricity and internet are available only in the common areas of the lodge.

Superior Rooms
We have eight superior 45-m2 rooms overlooking the tropical rain forest. The fascinating sounds and colors of the forest are important elements of the experience during your stay in our Superior rooms. The entire decoration is based on Yanchama, a natural bark that is “harvested” by artisans from Eseeja community of Infierno. The rooms are single, double or twin, as requested.

Each one is equipped with a bed, a mosquito net, two hypoallergenic pillows per person, a hammock and a reading table. Rooms have spacious private bathrooms with hot water. Electric lighting is available in the evenings until 10:00 pm, at your bedside table, your bathroom and an outlet to charge your electronics. Free Internet is available in every room.

Each visitor has access to a personal safe-deposit box, an umbrella for rain and a special set of eco-friendly amenities.

Refugio Amazonas Lodge is in daily contact with our offices in Puerto Maldonado and Lima via internet, satellite phone and hf radio. Contact your cell phone service provider to find out about international plans in order to use your phone in Peru.

Mosquito Nets
All rooms have mosquito nets on beds, bedside tables and a rack of clothes hangers.

Jungle Views
Bedrooms open out onto the surrounding rainforest, allowing guests to enjoy this unique ecosystem even on their downtime, with wild animals, including monkeys, often visible from the lodge.

Hot Water
Showers have hot water 
24 hours a day.

Meals at Refugio Amazonas Lodge
We provide self-serve three course meals at Refugio Amazonas Lodge. Meals consist of soup or appetizers, salad, main course, and desserts combining Peruvian and international cuisine. All fresh fruits and salads are thoroughly disinfected before serving. We also provide at all times unlimited amounts of boiled, filtered, cooled drinking water, coffee or tea and we provide fruit juices during the meals. If any visitor has special dietary requirements, we are happy to make individual arrangements, but please notify us.

Drinking Water at Refugio Amazonas Lodge
We provide natural spring water 24 hours per day. Please use the water wisely. We advise you not to drink the water from the river, lake or any of the taps. Consumable water can be found throughout the lodge from many dispensers and pitchers as well as a variety of other beverages available. All the water that the lodge provides is purified with an ozone treatment. We also suggest that you use this water to brush your teeth. Please turn off the water flow while lathering and soaping up to reduce unnecessary water usage.

A few words about luggage
Luggage is hand-carried at various stages in the trip for long distance. We strongly recommend you limit your weight to 15 kilos (32 pounds a piece). If you are visiting other destinations in Peru or South America that require different kinds of clothing, you can always pack separate bags and safely leave them at our offices in Puerto Maldonado on the first day so we won’t be carrying them around uselessly. Your bag will be waiting for you at the airport the day you leave.

What to bring suggestions:

  • Good binoculars
  • Camera gear
  • Tight-weave, light colored, long cotton pants
  • Long sleeved, tight-weave, light colored cotton shirts
  • Ankle-high hiking boots and sneakers
  • Flashlight with batteries
  • Sunblock lotion
  • Sunglasses
  • Broad-brimmed hat
  • Rain suit or poncho
  • Insect repellent
  • Small denomination bills
  • Small daypack

Travel hardware

  • Camera screwdriver set & epoxy glue.
  • Swiss army knife & sewing kit with scissors.
  • Travel alarm clock & plastic adhesive tape.
  • Extra camera & flashlight batteries.
  • Duck tape


  • Extra duffel bag I you plan to do some purchases.
  • Notebook & reading material.

Safes at the Lodge
We ask you to keep your valuable belongings and documents in the safe. Do not leave them valuables in plane view. Equally if you have food or candies please keep them in the safe. Do not leave them outside. This way you will avoid attracting insects and other animals. Ask the lodge manager or guide to inform you about the proper use of the safety box.

Rubber Boots
Around the lobby you will find racks with rubber boots arranged by size. You can use these boots for our walks or outings into the forest. Please remember ALWAYS that when walking inside the lodge facilities and in order to prevent bringing mud inside, you must walk without boots or any muddy shoes. Use only sandals, socks, clean sneakers.

Soap and Shampoo
According to our environmental policies, we only use Brazil nut biodegradable soap and shampoo which you will find in the bathroom If you are allergic to nuts, please let us know and we will provide you with a lemongrass soap. We wash the towels and bed sheets using biodegradable detergent and we clean the bathrooms with biodegradable products as well.

This service is only available on sunny days. Please ask for the rate at the lodge. Clothes are hand-washed using White Swipe biodegradable soap and are sun dried in order to protect the environment.

Smoking is allowed in the lobby and bar except at meal times. Please do not smoke in your room, the dining rooms, boats or during activities.

First Aid and Emergencies
In case of emergencies we have a first aid kit that is equipped to deal with most cases that may reasonably arise in the area. Our guides are all certified by the Red Cross, which means they are prepared to deal with foreseeable emergencies (broken bones or snake bites, for example) but not complex emergencies (such as an appendicitis).

For snake bites, an unheard of at Tambopata so far, we have extractors and an anti-venom at the lodges. In case of evacuation, we need to travel by boat by to Puerto Maldonado. During the day, evacuations take about 20% less time than our regular boats. During the night, evacuations take about 30% more. In Puerto Maldonado there is access to a state clinic.

Immunizations / Medication
Before traveling to Peru it is important for the visitor to have the right protection against diseases and to understand fully what type of vaccinations that will be needed according to the regions he/she will be visiting.   For general protection for visitors to Peru, it is important to have the following vaccinations:

  • Hepatitis A
  • Tetanus
  • Typhoid
  • Yellow Fever inoculation is highly recommended for travel to Tambopata.

How about Malaria? This is the most common question travelers ask when planning their travel to Peru. Malaria is a serious disease, which humans can contract by being bitten by an infected mosquito. Malaria is present in Peru but however it is extremely rare and most would say not an issue in the Tambopata region. We are not in a position to make medical recommendations so we recommend you speak with your doctor or your travel clinic regarding this issue. We highly recommend following anti-malarial drugs recommended by the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) if you decide to take malaria medication:

  • Atovaquone-proguanil
  • Doxycycline
  • Mefloquine.

For more information on medical considerations please contact the:

Center for Disease Control and Prevention

It is vital that persons with medical problems or special diet requirements make them known to us well before departure so that land operators are properly informed.

Leishmaniasis is present throughout the rain forests of southeastern Peru. It is a skin lesion caused by a protozoan transmitted by a certain kind of small biting fly. There is no vaccination against it but it is curable in every case. The selected cure, injections of pentavalent antimony (Glucantime), is uncomfortable. Leishmaniasis is also very easy to prevent by wearing long-sleeved shirts, pants, and repellent on exposed skin at all times, and sleeping under mosquito nets. If you are interested in receiving complete information on leishmaniasis contact us before your trip.

The lowland rainforests of Tambopata lie far enough south of the Equator to provide a cooler, drier winter season between May and October. The general weather conditions, are warm and humid.

In Tambopata the average daytime high temperature is between 78F and 93F (24C and 31C). The average nighttime low is between 66F and 78 F (20C and 24C).

Cold fronts can occur without warning from May through September. This cold fronts originate in Argentina and can sweep into southwestern Amazonia and push daytime highs down to 50° F (9° C) and the nighttime lows to 43° F (5° C). Thus, during that season always be potentially prepared for cold and drizzle.

The rainy season runs from November till April. Be prepared for heavy rain that can continue for hours or days. Around 80% of the annual average 3000 mm rainfall occurs during this season.

Other Tips

  • No smoking in the forest, nor in the boats (which carry gasoline).
  • No littering.
  • Do not harrass wildlife – when sighting wildlife follow your guides instructions.
  • No wildlife collection or manipulation, unless specifically authorized by SERNANP. If you should come across hurt wildlife, leave it be. It is part of the natural processes of the wilderness.
  • Please separate your trash in the proper trash bins. All non-biodegradable trash is taken to Puerto Maldonado. Please take batteries back with you.
  • Please keep it quite. Our rooms are not sound proof and guests come to listen to the sounds of nature. If you should want to listen to music outside the bar area, use headphones.
  • The lodges are highly flammable. Do not leave candles unattended and locate the nearest extinguisher.
  • Never go swimming in the Tambopata river.
  • Stay on the trails and take to the trails only with a guide. If for some reason you are separated from your guide, you can return to the lodge using your map and the trail markers.
  • Always use life jackets on the boat and during boarding. Wear light shoes that are easy to take off. Never have rubber boots on when in the boats.
  • Use rubber boots when heading to the forest or gardens at night. They reduce the risk of snake bites.
  • When taking people photos, ask first!


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