Journey at a pilgrims’ pace to sacred temples and beyond - into the flow of life with villagers living in these sacred places and within the natural rhythm of the lunar calendar

Feed the body too, with healthy traditional foods grown in local gardens.  We stay away from the well-known ceremonies and tune into the most local level of celebration and spiritual traditions, so you will feel more of a participant than an observer.

Peru’s Pilgrimage Journey
Peru’s rugged beauty of the Andean landscape, history of ancient traditions and complex religious beliefs, dates back to pre-Inca times.  Despite 500 years of oppression traditional Quechua and Aymara peoples continue to practice many of their rituals and ceremonies of their ancestors.  Today we can witness how certain Catholic traditions have been adopted and incorporated into ancient rituals, dances and ceremonies to create an Andean-European religious “fusion” unique to these countries.    Our Pilgrimage journey provides travelers with the opportunity to witness Andean rituals, to explore the ancient routes used by pilgrims for centuries, to visit colonial churches and ample time to interact with members of local communities.