Explore local markets and lose yourself in a cacophony of sensory memories

Our journeys are designed in conjunction with local chefs who, in the slow food tradition, still believe that sharing a meal is building community. Unlike many gourmet food trips, we will introduce you to culture through food: everyday food, celebration food, farmers who grow the food and how these traditions arose and are kept alive by contemporary chefs today.


Culinary Journey to Italy
La semplicità, ‘simplicity’ and the use of local ingredients are the essential elements of Italy’s “Slow Food” and the philosophy behind our culinary journeys in Italy.   Simple, fresh ingredients characterize Italian cuisine whether within a stone’s throw of Africa at the tip of Sicily or in the heights of Provencal-dialect Alps along the French-Italian border. The cuisine and wine making traditions speak of the history, culture and geography of each Italian region, province, and valley, with signature foods and fine wines distinct from one village to the next.  Your culinary travels to Monferrato, the Ligurian coast, Lucca or Sicily  were touched by the hands of emperors, feudal lords, dukes and marquises and guarded by the long memories of the villagers who have kept la cucina locale alive throughout the centuries.
Culinary Journey to Peru
A culinary exploration of Peru is a historical journey into Pre-Incan traditions layered with the successive influences of the Spanish, Arab, African, Italian, Chinese and Japanese who came as conquistadors, slaves, explorers and immigrants.  Each culture has combined their own flavors, cooking traditions and rituals with indigenous products from the Pacific ocean, coastal rivers, high altitude plains and tropical forests to form the subtle complexity of Peruvian cuisine.  Each region offers unique specialties such as “tiradito”, marinated fish served in a yellow pepper or “rocoto” sauce from the coast; the,pre-colonial Pachamanca cooked beneath Andean soil; and “chupe” a spicy shrimp bouillabaisse from the southern region of Arequipa.