Our journeys are designed for birders who want to add to their check list while learning more about the impact these birds

and their habitats have had on the culture and history of the people who share these lands. Our customized programs with local bird guides allow you to set the pace and balance of birding within your overall journey and take advantage of unexpected opportunities as they take flight.



Birding Journeys in Peru
Peru is the birdiest country in the world. Peru ties Colombia with over 1800 species of birds, more than 85% of which are permanent residents. Peru is second only to Brazil in the number of endemic birds and second only to Indonesia in the number of bird species with restricted geographical ranges. Several rainforest lodges in Peru offer superb birding, each with a list of over 550 species!  Peru is truly a land of superlatives: From the world’s richest oceanic current, to the world’s highest and most extensive tropical mountains, to the rainforests of the world’s largest river, Peru is a country of unparalleled diversity. With 87 of the world’s 104 climate zones, Peru